Annum is the alternative
to rehab for heavy


Who We Are

Annum is a confidential, tech-enabled program designed to help people cut back on drinking and treat related issues, such as depression and anxiety.


Heavy Drinking is a Public Health Crisis

The impact — on people, on families, on the workforce — is far-reaching.

And, high cost, social stigma and inaccessible treatment models often keep people from the help they need.

It’s time for a safe, private and affordable treatment.


The Impact on Employees


Drinking and work often go hand-in-hand

46% say coworkers socialize where alcohol is involved.


Employees are engaging in at-risk drinking

3 out of 10 workers have binge drank in the past month.


Drinking is harming employee performance and relationshipS

54% have noticed a coworker’s behavior impacted by drinking. 


Too many do not know how to get help

Although nearly 1 in 4 employees want to reduce alcohol consumption, few know of available resources. 


Workers support their employers providing HELP

When asked, 90% support their employer offering free, confidential consultations and support around alcohol use.


A Solution for Employers and Health Plans

Annum is a solution for employers to address a national workforce issue. Our purpose-built technology and rigorous provider training drive enhanced workplace performance and a healthier, more motivated workforce. And for insurance companies, Annum offers a dramatic reduction in costs — Annum is at least 75% less expensive than a single month of care at a traditional rehab facility.


Annum is the Modern Alternative to Rehab for Heavy Drinking.

Individualized, integrated care for up to a year

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"I didn’t realize how trapped I felt by drinking until Annum forced some introspection. The tracking and support I received really started a different chapter in my life. Following my experience with Annum, there are few days I wake up not feeling good. I don’t have hangovers, make better decisions, and spend less money. I have more time in the day and greater self-confidence."

— Annum Participant