How Can Medicine Help With Drinking? Three Things to Know.

Annum combines several time-tested treatment methods for heavy drinking. Certain medications are helpful when prescribed along with behavior therapy (read more on our approach to therapy here).

Here are three things to know about the use of medicine during treatment by Annum:

1.  People who take the drink-reducing medicines Annum uses are more likely to achieve their drinking goals, compared to behavior therapy alone.

 Dr. Mark Willenbring is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Annum Health.

Dr. Mark Willenbring is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Annum Health.

Don’t be put off by claims that “medications are a crutch” — in medicine, “crutches” are a fact of life. Think about it. If you sprain your ankle, you might need crutches for a while so it can heal. If you have depression, an antidepressant medication might help.

Medications for heavy drinking not only help people achieve initial goals, they can help people do better in the long term, as well. It can be hard to change drinking patterns. Why not use every tool available?

2.  Medications don’t all work the same way. It’s important that the specific medicines prescribed are tailored to your needs.

All the medicines prescribed by Annum doctors are backed by scientific studies and clinical experience. But they act in different ways — some are best for people wanting to reduce, but not stop drinking completely. Others are better if stopping drinking is the goal. Some medications are used to reduce co-existing symptoms like anxiety. That’s why our doctors tailor treatment to your health history and your goals.

Naturally, medications can cause side effects, and they may not work for everyone. That’s why it’s so important that a trained health care provider you can be open and honest with prescribes these medications.

3.  Our job is to help you choose the best medicine(s) for you – which can mean none, if you prefer. It’s entirely up to you.

Some treatment programs require everyone to take medication and some prohibit it. At Annum, we believe it is our job to give you accurate information so you can choose what’s best for you. If you choose to start your treatment without medication, we honor that choice. And better yet, at Annum, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” aspect to our treatment. If the first approach doesn’t work, we work with you to change it.

The bottom line is, everyone must find their own way to health. Annum coaches, therapists, and doctors can help you find yours. Drink-reducing medications can play an important part in achieving success!

If you’re interested in Annum but it isn’t available at your workplace yet, download this form you can share anonymously with your benefits department.

Mark Willenbring, MD