Why Annum is Different than Current AUD Offerings

In terms of current offerings for alcohol use disorder (AUD), many tend to not fit for the vast majority of the addressable market — that’s why we have 14,500 rehab facilities and yet 90% of people in need don’t access help.

And options, such as inpatient rehab facilities and intensive outpatient programs, are tailored to individuals who are at the severe end of the alcohol use disorder spectrum when in fact most people fall into the mild to moderate category.

Current offerings for AUD treatment fall into the following four major categories:

  1. No-cost, 12-step programs of which Alcoholics Anonymous is the oldest and best known. These programs certainly work for some – but not everyone.

  2. The 14,500 specialized drug treatment facilities. Quality, cost and outcomes are highly variable given size of market. And, many of these clinics are oftentimes hard to access geographically.

  3. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). EAPs are widely available but not appropriate for treating heavy drinking in the long-term, because they offer primarily episodic care or function as a referral network to traditional treatment centers.

  4. A growing number of technology-solutions – everything from mobile applications to telehealth providers – few of which yet offer a comprehensive, scalable offering of time-tested and evidence-based treatment for heavy drinking.

Of course, these options have helped change the lives of countless people. However, not all meet the needs of those struggling with AUD. To help support the remaining population, Annum seeks to provide an alternative to rehab for heavy drinking, highlighted by the following:

Annum is free and confidential

Stigma and cost are two of the most prevalent reasons people in need don’t receive help. And, when it comes to receiving support from an employer, employees oftentimes don’t know that sponsored help exists. In fact, the results from a national survey commissioned by Annum show that 60 percent of full-time employees think their employer does too little or are unsure if their employer does enough to help employees who might want help with drinking. But, when asked, 90 percent do support their employer offering free, confidential consultations and support around alcohol use. Knowing this, Annum seeks to make confidential care available with no out-of-pocket cost for participants via relationships with employers and health plans.

Annum care is personalized and comprehensive

Annum’s providers deliver care to individuals at home so that it doesn’t upend their lives. Each person has their own dedicated treatment team comprised of a doctor, a therapist and a coach. Together with the participant, they set a goal to either quit drinking or cut back on heavy drinking days. This team stays with the participant throughout the entire course of care, which can last up to a year.

If you’re interested in Annum for your organization, download this form to share anonymously with your benefits department.

Debbie Dexter