Is My Health Information Safe with Annum? Yes.

Anyone getting treatment for alcohol use deserves to know what steps their health care providers are taking to protect their information.

At Annum, we live by three simple rules when it comes to privacy and security.

Rule #1: No one is singled out.

One way we create a safe environment for our participants to work on their drinking is through something we call “universal engagement.” This means that when an employer agrees to partner with Annum, we reach out to each and every employee to offer our services. By explicitly inviting everyone, we ensure that no one is “singled out.” Furthermore, a person’s boss and coworkers will never know if or when they take the next step with Annum.

Rule #2: Private means private.

No one has to know that you’re using Annum outside of your personal care team. Disclosing your participation to anyone else is really up to you.

With Annum, you don’t attend meetings, and you aren’t required to upend your life or take time off to go to rehab. Instead, we deliver care directly to you through your phone. Annum is accessible on your phone because it’s small, personal and a discreet way to access care.

All appointments are one-on-one between you and your doctor, you and your coach, or you and your therapist. And while you can interact anonymously with others on a secure support forum, you don’t have to — it’s your choice.

What’s more, we’ve shielded your personal health information from all but your specific care team. So the only people that can see your Annum Health Records are the people who need to.

Rule #3: Your data is secure.

Annum is compliant with HIPAA and the other laws that dictate how private health information has to be protected.

Annum’s Health Records are secure, de-identified and housed on a state-of-the-art Salesforce platform. As the person who helped build and run their data centers (and Google’s), I can attest to fact that your health information will be safe and secure on that platform. But don’t just take it from me: Salesforce is an award-winning, world-class leader in data security.

The short of it is: just like Annum’s clinical team has combined the very best methods to treat heavy drinking, my team has incorporated every mechanism available to protect your personal health information. It’s a responsibility I take extremely seriously.

If you’re interested in Annum but it isn’t available at your workplace yet, download this form you can share anonymously with your benefits department.