This Alternative to Rehab Really Works

More than 15 million adults in the U.S. meet the clinical criteria for an alcohol use disorder and only 10 percent of people ever get treatment. Why? It has a lot to do with the fact that rehab today doesn’t fit with the reality of people’s lives. At Annum, we’re changing that.

Here’s how Annum is different:

No Labels.

For decades, people have believed that the only way to pursue treatment around drinking is to quit cold turkey. You’re either an alcoholic or you’re not, and if you are, then you’re not allowed to have one sip of alcohol. If you do have that one sip, then you’ve “failed” your treatment.

At Annum, we know that the real world isn’t this black and white. True, for many people the safest thing for them is to work toward quitting altogether, but for a lot of people cutting back is a clinically appropriate and achievable goal. Research shows that people have more success when they set their own goals for treatment, in consultation with their health care providers.

No Meetings.

Annum is all about applying the best research on proven treatments for heavy drinking and delivering it directly to people who need it, safely and securely. We do that by weaving together a combination of therapy, medication, one-on-one coaching, and community — all packaged together in a digital platform.

No Steps.

Three-quarters of rehabs in the U.S. use some sort of “12-step” model, but the truth is 12-step programs aren’t for everyone. In fact, decades of scientific research show that the therapy and medications we use at Annum are more effective than 12-step programs. But you can still choose to supplement Annum care with AA meetings if you wish it’s entirely up to you.

No Rush.

We provide treatment to people for up to a full year, because studies show it takes that long for many people to solidify major life-changing behaviors. Think about it: we no longer expect overnight cures when it comes to diet and exercise. Why should drinking be any different?

No Fees.

Annum care comes with no out-of-pocket cost to people who enroll. The only potential out-of-pocket cost is for prescription medication, when appropriate. To make this possible, we form partnerships with insurers and employers. If you’re interested in Annum but it isn’t available at your workplace yet, download this form you can share anonymously with your benefits department.