Fortune's Editor-in-Chief Welcomes Annum's Innovative Approach

In a column responding to U.S. Surgeon General's November 2016 report entitled Facing Addiction in AmericaFortune's editor-in-chief Clifton Leaf celebrates innovative approaches to treatment for substance use disorders, such as Annum Health. He writes: 

"Technology plays a big role in...early intervention and treatment. [...F]rom telemedicine to web-based cognitive behavioral training, [emerging technologies] offer inexpensive and timely help for millions.
"To the extent that these new approaches catch on, you can thank in large part a slew of new entrepreneurs and the venture capitalists backing them. In recent months, several innovative startups have launched[...]. Michael Laskoff’s new digital health offering, Annum Health—which provides a new home-based treatment platform for heavy drinkers—recently raised $5 million in funding." 

Read the full article at Fortune here. 

Amanda Harrington