The Reality of the "Wine Mom"

While the idea of moms unwinding with a drink or two may seem like a way to let loose and cope with the many challenges of modern motherhood, research suggests that the trend may be aligned with a troubling pattern. Alcohol addiction counselors report an increasing amount of mothers seeking treatment. The New York Post writes: 

"Between 2002 and 2013, the number of women who consumed more than four drinks a day rose almost 60 percent, while those meeting the criteria for alcohol use disorders — indicative of problem drinking — increased by 84 percent, according to the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions.
The rise is fueled in part by messages in pop culture championing mommy boozing. Earlier this month, singer Kelly Clarkson told People magazine that, as someone raising four children, “wine is necessary.” “Bad Moms” and “Bad Moms 2” have been box-office hits with their portrayal of rogue, chardonnay-swilling mamas. Etsy is filled with crafts emblazoned with cute, sassy messages about how raising children requires you to pour yourself a glass or three. The Facebook group “Moms Who Need Wine” has nearly 728,000 members."

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