Silverline wins Partner Innovation Award for work with Annum Health - presented at Dreamforce 2018

Each year at Dreamforce, Salesforce recognizes the successes of the partner ecosystem with the Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards. This year, we are proud to have won for our implementation with Annum Health, a Healthcare startup that provides an alternative to rehab, making treatment for heavy drinking more accessible and affordable.  

Annum partnered with Silverline to create both internal and external facing systems for their patient care team and patients. They needed a way to manage the process from participant prospecting through the full management of the participant by up to three providers during the treatment phase. A partner portal has been built out to provide access to treatment plans for these providers to have access to their patients as well as to manage scheduling with the client and the client’s patients. Silverline built out a custom mobile app using React to extend to the participants themselves. The participant can message with their social worker, complete surveys, and homework as well as view stats on their progress through the program.

“Without Salesforce and Silverline, this project should have taken 2+ years to complete,” said Annum Health’s CEO, Michael Laskoff. “Silverline had us up and running within 6 months.”

Following Annum’s implementation, we sat down with their team and you can check it all out here! Silverline Customer Success Story (video) - Annum

Tammy Mesic