Beer in the News - Key Facts Everyone Should Know About Alcohol

On the final day of Recovery Month, and in light of recent news, Forbes takes a closer look at the harmful consequences of at-risk drinking.

“As a medical student and resident trainee physician, I learned about the pathophysiological aspects of alcohol consumption, like liver disease and cognitive impairment. Other than an increased risk of “drunk driving,” rarely was I exposed to the psychosocial aspects of alcohol experienced by my patient, Travis, who used alcohol to numb his traumatizing pain and suffering.

Trust me, I understand that the vast majority of people who consume alcohol do so in a responsible manner. Alcohol is part of our culture. We have a Heineken during after-work Happy Hours. We celebrate weddings and anniversaries with champagne. We have romantic dinners with wine. But alcohol is also a drug, and at-risk drinking can lead to harmful physical, medical, emotional and social consequences.”

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Tammy Mesic