Article Calls Into Question Impacts of Drinking on the Brain

A recent article from Business Insider takes a closer look at new research suggesting a connection between alcohol and a longer life. 

"[S]ome studies have suggested that drinking regularly in moderate amounts — defined as no more than one or two drinks per day — could be beneficial as we age. One study, cited prominently by multiple news outlets over the weekend, appears to be linked to a paper published in 2007 in the British journal Age and Aging which found that people who drank two or more drinks a day were less likely to die of any cause than those who did not.

Instead of focusing only on years lived, however, it's important to also look at the impacts of drinking on the brain. And the bulk of research suggests that when it comes to our aging minds, drinking is likely not very good for us — even in moderate amounts."

Read the full article from Business Insider here.