Coping with the Stresses of Parenthood, Alcohol-Free

The New York Times explores 'mommy wine culture' and the pressures of parenthood in this piece,  timely aligning with International Women's Day. According to the article: 

"As the opioid crisis draws attention to the impact of addiction on families, there may be a new openness to sober parenting. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that between 2009-14, approximately 10 percent of American children lived in homes where at least one parent had an alcohol use disorder. [...]
“Wine has become normalized, expected and then reinforced by popular culture, social media, advertising,” said Gabrielle Glaser, author of “Her Best Kept Secret: Why Women Drink — and How They Can Regain Control.” She said that images of other people’s seemingly perfect children on social media heighten many parents’ feelings of inadequacy. “Whether they’re a celebrity’s child or it’s just somebody on your Instagram feed,” she said, “You think, what’s wrong with me?” The added stress contributes to more drinking, she said.

Read the full piece from The New York Times here.