Women and Alcohol Use Disorder

Following International Women's Day earlier this month, Fortune published a piece describing how women are uniquely impacted by Substance Use Disorder. According to Fortune

"As prevalent as opioids are, alcohol sadly kills far more women: 26,000 from alcohol (2010) vs 13,000 from opioids annually in the U.S., per CDC (alcohol-related deaths in 2016 was unavailable but most likely higher than 26,000).
Like opioids, alcohol dependence develops faster in women than in men, as does alcohol-induced organ injury such as liver disease and brain damage. Breast cancer risk can increase by 5-9%. Biology also makes women more vulnerable to alcohol’s effects. First, because women generally weigh less than men, their bodies have less water and more fatty tissue. Because fat retains alcohol while water dilutes it, women's organs experience more injury. Second, women have lower levels of two enzymes that metabolize alcohol, resulting in faster alcohol absorption into the bloodstream." 

To read the full piece from Fortune click here.