Annum Featured in Wired

On April 1, 2018 published article in Wired titled "Addiction Rehab is Broken: Can Technology Fix It?" features Annum as a modern alternative to addiction rehab. 

In the piece, reporter Zachary Siegel explains his personal experience with addiction rehab, which spurred his interest and search for clinically-guided technology that help those in need. Siegel focuses on Annum as one such solution: 

"Right now, only a few apps offer evidenced-based treatment, but that number is about to balloon. President Trump’s Opioid Commission emphasized the need to use telemedicine and technology—like mobile health apps—to reach rural communities affected by overdoses. For less severe cases of addiction, like people who are still able to hold down a job, apps like Annum and Ria Health involve zero in-person interaction and are designed to help reduce heavy drinking patterns. Other apps fit into the space after rehab: Outfits like WeConnect and Sober Grid operate like social networks for people to stay connected post-treatment, while Triggr Health uses machine learning to predict when a patient is headed for a relapse." 


"And, unlike the majority of residential centers, including the one I went to, none of these apps shies away from medication. In fact, for some apps like Annum and BioCorRx (which launched a beta version in September 2017), medication is central to their treatment approach. On top of a digital regimen, an app like Annum connects the user with a psychiatrist board certified in addictions who can remotely prescribe craving-reducing drugs that will be delivered by mail."

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Zoe Collins