Annum Releases National Survey on Alcohol and the Workplace

Annum Health recently sponsored a survey of a nationally representative sample of 1,000 full-time employees ages 18 to 64. The survey, conducted by PerryUndem Research / Communication, explored the impact of alcohol in the workplace and employee reception to treatment options like Annum. 

The survey finds that alcohol use is part of the workplace for sizable proportions of working adults, and that employees want their employers to offer alcohol use resources and tools. 

Key findings:

  • Close to half of workers (46 percent) say their coworkers go out together for happy hour or other events where alcohol is involved.

  • Three in ten workers (29 percent) have binge drank in the past month. 

  • A similar proportion (28 percent) says they have at least one coworker who they think might have an issue or problem with alcohol. These issues present themselves at work as related to productivity – such as calling in sick – and relationships – such as avoiding a person at work because of their alcohol use.

  • Finally, most workers do not know about any other options, aside from AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), rehab and treatment centers, for getting help with alcohol abuse or heavy drinking. And, they overwhelmingly support employers offering consultations and support around alcohol use.

Michael Laskoff, CEO