Just Like in the US, Heavy Drinking is a Health Crisis in the UK

"The number of alcohol associated deaths [in the United Kingdom] has risen by 400 per cent since 1970."

Sheffield University in England examined the fiscal and human costs of alcohol in the United Kingdom. Their results, as reported by the Evening Standard, is a moral call to action:

"Experts have warned that almost 63,000 people will die due to alcohol misuse between 2017 and 2022 if the Government do not crack down on advertising alcoholic products and pricing. [...]
Health charities are urging the Government to bring in minimum unit pricing of alcohol and advertising products to avoid what has been branded a “public health crisis” due to a spike in deaths caused by liver disease. [...]
According to Foundation for Liver Research, a group of medical health experts who are calling for tougher measures to limit alcohol harm, inaction by the Government is leading to avoidable deaths related to liver disease."

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