Former Waiter Writes of the Pervasive Problem of Heavy Drinking in the Workplace

In a powerful op-ed in the New York Times, former server Brittany Bronson shines a spotlight on the pervasive problem of heavy drinking and substance use disorders in the workplace. She writes:

"[T]he [food services] industry currently has the highest rates of substance use disorder, at nearly 17 percent of its workers. That percentage is especially jarring when you consider that the restaurant industry is the second-largest private-sector employer. [...]
"[T]he problem goes all the way to the top. The same report on substance abuse found that across all industries, one in 10 managers is abusing controlled substances. Middle management is arguably the most overworked in food service; in high-end bars and restaurants, managers often make less than their service staff, while working longer hours with no overtime pay. [...]
"Industry executives must realize that although far removed from them directly, the staff’s substance abuse has compounding effects on the bottom line through workplace injuries, absenteeism and low employee morale."

Read the entire piece from the New York Times here.