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Heavy drinking is the most urgent and overlooked health epidemic in America. Every day, millions of people suffer because they cannot get the help they need: help that is timely, effective and affordable.

Annum is a unique solution. Our approach provides treatment at home with minimal disruption to personal and professional life.

By taking a proactive approach to the problem, employers can measurably increase productivity, reduce avoidable expenses, and help cultivate a happier, healthier, and more motivated workforce.

Why We’re Different



Many people in need avoid treatment because they fear personal stigma and professional disruption. Our approach is completely private — not even managers or close family members need to know.

Whether you have 3,000 or 300,000 employees, Annum is available to all of them nationally.

High Quality
Annum service providers adhere to proven, evidence-based guidelines supported by purpose-built technology. No matter where they happen to live, all participants in our program will receive personalized treatment reflecting the same high standard of care.

A full year of Annum care costs 75 percent less than a single month of inpatient care at a traditional rehab facility, making it easily affordable by employers and health plans. Participants pay no out-of-pocket fees for Annum treatment; they are only responsible for the cost of prescription co-payments if medication is prescribed as part of their treatment plan.


Our participants get the benefit of high quality, personalized care at home. Employers get the benefit of being able to offer effective treatment for heavy drinking to people in need, without the heavy lifting normally associated with introducing a popular new benefit.

Myth: Drinking isn’t really that big a problem.

Fact: One in four U.S. adults binge drink. Put simply, heavy drinking is the most pervasive acknowledged yet untreated epidemic in America.

Myth: Traditional rehab is the most effective cure.

Fact: Traditional rehab can work for some people, but it is time-intensive, expensive, and all too often ineffective — 19 out of 20 people aren’t able to meet their goals through traditional approaches.

Myth: Someone needs to hit rock bottom before they seek help.

Fact: It’s understandable that 90 percent of people with high risk drinking habits never receive the help they need when you consider that only one in 20 find relief from traditional methods. Plenty of people struggling with their drinking have been waiting for an approach that works.

Myth: Drinking is a private issue; it has nothing to do with me as an employer.

Fact: Three in four binge drinkers work. Heavy drinking affects all aspects of an employee’s life — and studies also show high risk drinking accounts for an $81.5 billion hit to workplace productivity every year. There is a strong moral and compelling financial imperative to help.

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