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Today 90 percent of people in need of treatment go without it.

When employers treat heavy drinking as a workforce development issue — and deliver better solutions in the workplace — employees lead happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Annum enables you to make quality treatment for heavy drinking available, without heavy lifting.



A Participant-Centered Experience


"I first looked for help with drinking when I was 27. All I could find were 12-step programs, which immediately turned me off. If a private, affordable and non-judgmental program like Annum had been available to me back then, I'd like to think that I might have pursued treatment much sooner, before my drinking spiraled so completely out of control. Instead, I struggled for so long and wasted too many years of my life because I did not want to be labeled an alcoholic or ask for help."

— Andrew Michinard, 'The Alcoholic Next Door'


Care, with comfort and convenience.

Our approach is completely private, with minimal disruption to personal and professional life. 



Quality, each step of the journey. 

Annum service providers adhere to proven, evidence-based guidelines supported by technology.



Treatment, without barriers due to cost.

Participants pay no out-of-pocket fees, with the possible exception of prescription co-payments (if medication is prescribed as part of their treatment). 



A Clinically-Guided Approach


"I have worked with patients struggling with substance use disorders for 10 years. Annum is using techniques that have known, empirical evidence to support their efficacy and their platform helps providers and patients adhere to best practices. I truly believe Annum will help many, many people."

— Dr. Michelle Sheets, Clinical Psychologist 

We treat heavy drinking like the public health epidemic it is. 

Sixteen to 30 million adults annually suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD) — involving impaired control over drinking, which may lead to the development of tolerance, withdrawal, social impairment, and health problems.

Most people with AUD have a milder form of it and are aware that they are drinking more than they would like. Such people are often distressed by their inability to keep alcohol use within safe limits and are deeply unhappy about its impact on their lives and those who rely on them. 

People who struggle with heavy drinking defy the common stereotypes; the majority are employed, many are in relationships, good parents, and respected members of the community. 

Excessive drinking is responsible for one in 10 deaths among working adults age 20–64 years; in total, nearly 90,000 people annually.

The CDC reports heavy drinking costs the US economy about $250 billion annually, mostly in lost productivity and additional health care spending. While heavy drinking itself is one of the costliest chronic conditions in the United States, it's also a major contributor to many of the others

Our clinical guidelines are based on the latest research in the field. 

Treatment for high-risk drinkers and people with mild to moderate AUD is truly individualized and unique to each person.

Drinking goals (including but not limited to abstinence) and specific treatment plans are developed collaboratively with each participant.

Drink-reducing medications are available, since these medications increase the proportion of people able to achieve and maintain their drinking goals.




A Turn-Key Solution


"Silverline takes data security and individual privacy very seriously, both for its customers and our team members. The Annum team helped me understand why reaching out to everyone was critical to the success of the program and they managed a seamless rollout strategy that was considerate and thoughtful." 

— Gireesh Sonnad, Partner and CEO at Silverline

We work with health plans and employers to change the lives of thousands of people, not just a few.

Since three in four heavy drinkers are employed, Annum takes a true population-health based approach to the problem by partnering with employers to combat heavy drinking in their workforce. 

Annum's solution is built to scale and national in scope. Whether your organization has 3,000 or 300,000 employees, we can help.  

Annum enables employers to make quality treatment for heavy drinking available to every eligible employee in need — right now.

Employers can afford to pay for treatment because the cost is comfortably offset by harnessing technology and successfully engaging and treating employees. 

A year of Annum care costs 75% less than one month of inpatient care at a traditional rehab facility and productivity gains are measured in the course of treatment.

Our care is highly specialized, but our commitment to helping people is limitless.