Welcome to Annum.

Annum is a discreet and evidence-based program to help people manage their drinking.

We know the demands of life and work can take a toll on you and the things you care about. One private, no-cost consultation with Annum will help you better understand where you stand. All employees at select companies are eligible for the Annum program to help assess their health, wellbeing and drinking. 



Here's How Annum Works: 


Schedule a Consultation. 

Arrange a consultation with an expert Annum coach to discuss your health and your drinking. Together we will determine whether Annum is the right program for you. 


Download the App.  

Receive a link to the app. Through the app, you will virtually meet your Care Team — a coach, physician, and therapist — who will tailor Annum's program to your needs and goals.


Use Annum Continually.

Engage with the Annum program — through the app, your phone and video conferencing — over time. And take your time — Annum is available to you for up to a full year. 


Questions? Give us a call at 1-855-302-6686 to speak with an Annum specialist



Schedule a Consultation

If you want to learn more about yourself — and whether Annum's program could help you — schedule your no-cost, one-hour consultation with an Annum coach now.