Who We Are


Annum is a year-long treatment program designed to help you get in control of your drinking. We’re your personal treatment team — a coach, a physician and a licensed therapist — dedicated to helping you meet your individual goals. You can aim to make a big change or a little one. The result? A happier, healthier you.

Your health is your business. We’ll protect your privacy just like your primary care provider does.

Our trained clinicians and coaches leverage decades of research to help you develop safe drinking habits.

Set your own unique goals. No labels, no meetings, no steps. And take your time: Annum is here to help you for a full year.

Delivered to You
Participate from home, or wherever you’re most comfortable. Treatment at Annum happens on your phone.

We’re a one-year program because studies show that’s how long it takes to break old habits and create new ones. We don’t offer or expect miracles or overnight cures. We do offer patience and understanding without fear of failure.

We don’t use labels, we just want to help. Think of us as your most supportive friend.